Agrosoybean exporters

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Quality chaeck

The high quality of soybean products is an important factor in their dominance of world vegetable oil and protein markets. The soybean processing industry has developed manufacturing systems and procedures, trading rules, comprehensive product quality specifications, and quality control procedures to ensure finished products that consistently meet customer and consumer needs. This chapter discusses sampling; testing; process control points; specifications for raw, in-process, and finished products; analytical procedures; and communication and storage of control laboratory data. It also discusses automation of analyses, applications of statistical quality control, quality improvement programs, and laboratory management and design. A key part of the control of processing of soybean products is periodic sampling and testing of raw, in-process, and finished products to determine compliance to specifications or need for corrective action. Companies in many segments of industry are participating in a movement that stresses continuous improvement of the quality of products and services in order to be more competitive. The movement has been given various names, such as Total Quality Management or the Continuous Improvement Process.